Welcome to Community Conscience

Community Conscience is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that owns and operates the Human Services Center serving Ventura County in Southern California.

Community Conscience offers rent-free space to non-profit social service organizations in its 22,000 square-foot building. This results in about $250,000 in savings each year, which the non-profits are now able to use to deliver services to their clients.  Last year 45,000 people received help from these organizations.  Community Conscience also provides a telephone referral service that helps individuals locate needed services.

Community selects its tenants based on their ability to meet needs in our community which supplement, rather than duplicate, the services of other agencies.  This allows for cross referrals among agencies and the formation of partnerships among tenants.  One government social service agency is also a tenant – County of Ventura – Human Services Agency.

The cost of operating the building is met through Community Conscience fund raising activities and co-operative fair market lease agreements with federal, state, and local government agencies such as the County of Ventura – Human Services Agency. Bringing government and non-profit social service groups together prevents duplication of programs and helps fill any gaps in their services. A building such as  the Human Services Center means a great deal to the efficiencies of its tenants.

People who are low income, homeless, disabled, abused or mentally ill often do not have transportation.  They are in need of food, clothing, shelter, medical attention, counseling and programs designed to help them transform their lives.  This means traveling all over a city or even multiple cities to receive all these services. This proves very difficult or even impossible for most.

There is a city bus stop directly in front of the Human Services Center.  With one trip all services can be utilized. Currently the programs provided by the agencies include helping parents and babies, youth, seniors, low income and homeless, mentally and physically disabled, end of life care, adoption, medical attention, food, shelter, clothing, employment, counseling for grief and victims of abuse, legal assistance and tutoring programs.

The organizations each have different programs and they work as allies referring clients to each other so all their needs can be met. They empower each other by sharing resources and information. An atmosphere of courtesy, human dignity, understanding and respect is carried throughout by all who work and volunteer here.

Our 2016 Annual Report is available to download & view HERE.

Our Mission

The mission of Community Conscience is to ensure public assistance/welfare programs are available and accessible for the basic relief of those in need of such services in the Greater Conejo Valley by:

  • Maintaining a permanent social service facility in Thousand Oaks accessible by public transit
  • Providing information to individuals pursuing such assistance
  • Promoting maximum coordination among agencies providing assistance services
  • Raising awareness of the need for assistance services not presently being provided
  • Fostering our values of courtesy, respect and human dignity in services provided through Community Conscience and its partner agencies

Learn About Us

Our History

In every community, and the Conejo Valley is no exception, there are people who need help. Frustrated in the early 1980’s by reduced funding for community-based social service agencies a group of concerned citizens hit on an idea to help keep these small organizations afloat. As with any business, social service agencies could substantially reduce their expenses by eliminating rent payments.

In 1988, after years of planning and fund raising their vision for a one-stop social services shop, located under one roof,  was realized and the Human Services Center opened at 80 E. Hillcrest Drive owned and operated by Community Conscience, a non-profit organization. Currently, there are thirteen non-profit social service organizations that are provided rent-free offices at the 22,000 square-foot Hillcrest building.  They include groups such as the Conejo Free Clinic, Hospice of the Conejo and Lutheran Social Services of Southern California.

Over the years, social service organizations may alter their missions and practices, but they remain committed to the residents of the Conejo Valley. Community Conscience will be there to help ensure they are able to do their job by supporting human services under one roof.