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by News Editor on Monday, December 07, 2009 7:19 AM

Client Success Story: Tye Horn

Tye Horn is meeting with his Villa Esperanza Services Independent Living Skills Instructor/Job Coach, Dan. Along with Tye, is his eleven year old son Troy, they have just returned from their Friday morning breakfast ritual which all three seem to relish. Apparently, Tye is a popular regular at their favorite spot. He is an exceptional client who has taken on full responsibility as a single dad and held down a job at Home Depot for 18 years. Villa Esperanza Services supports his efforts both at home through Independent Living Services (ILS) and at work through the Employment Services Individual Placement program.
At home, Tye faces the same challenges that any single parent does and he seems to be doing well. Troy is a thoughtful young man who is clearly proud of his dad. Villa’s ILS program has helped Tye to become more efficient in meeting the basic challenges in running a household, budgeting, grocery shopping, and caring for his son by offering support, solutions, and a safety net should he need it. Tye is grateful for the fact that he and his son can always rely upon his Villa coaches and trusts them to be there for him.
His life/job coach works with him twice a week on reaching his goals. Tye likes to challenge himself. Through coaching and support, he maximizes his potential working as a cashier often manning the busy customer return desk. His calm, steady nature seems to suit the position.
He has even won awards ranging from cashier of the month to a “Homer” award for spotting a potentially fraudulent check. Tye sees his rewards as “just being a good employee and doing a good job.”
His Villa coach is mentor, friend, and extended family member. They disagree on music choices. Tye likes Garth Brooks and Willie Nelson, but both agree that Tye still has more to offer the world. He aspires to tell his story and do some public speaking in order to inspire other families to see the full potential of their children regardless of their disabilities. He is a very convincing spokesperson.
Villa is proud to partner with Community Conscience “Under One Roof” and bring hope to individuals with disabilities and their families. 
Villa Esperanza Services is a nonprofit organization serving over a thousand individuals a year who may be challenged by autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Alzheimer’s or other developmental disabilities. Villa’s programs in the Conejo Valley include Independent Living Services, Employment Services and Adult Residential Services. For more information about Villa, please contact Jonnie Turnure, Villa’s ILS Coordinator. Jonnie has been a member of the Villa family for over 17 years and continues to provide Love, Care & Hope to individuals with a variety of needs.   Please call (805) 446-1939 or (808) 446-4500 or visit us at

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